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But what if you want to compare the value of a model field with another field on the same model?Django provides act as a reference to a model field within a query.To clear all of the values for a checkbox or multi-select field, use .To clear specific values, just set the values that should remain in the prospect record using the method above.list_8=1&api_key=&user_key= Requests that attempt to subscribe a prospect to lists that it is already subscribed to are ignored. To modify a prospect's matching status for associated profile criteria, the Pardot ID of the profile criteria is required.Once the ID is obtained, an : /api/prospect/version/3/do/update/id/58?Possible combinations of parameters are shown below.

For example, to find a list of all blog entries that have had more comments than pingbacks, we construct an object with a double underscore will introduce any joins needed to access the related object.result sets are limited to 200 results each, the results returned may not include all prospects that were matched by the query.To retrieve the remaining results, the following criteria can be used to navigate through the result set. Email list subscriptions and custom field data may also be added with this request.phone=888-123-4567&api_key=&user_key= Only values that are specifically named in the request are updated. To clear a value, submit an : /api/prospect/version/3/do/update/email/[email protected]?category=consumer&api_key=&user_key= Updating field values with multiple values follows the same convention as fields with predefined values, but requires a different parameter naming scheme to allow multiplicity. past_jobs_0=janitor&past_jobs_1=security&api_key=&user_key= Note: Checkbox and multi-select fields are the only field types that can be updated in this manner.

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