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A hand-written report illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings, entitled The Patapsco Project, which documents the Baltimore City’s Department of Public Works investigation of water and water power rights – essentially, the active, inactive, and ruined mills and dams – along the Patapsco River and its tributaries in Maryland between 19. This listing also includes some non-Survey publications that are sold through the Maryland Geological Survey publications office. (Available only on microfiche) Part 1: Introduction; Part 3: Highway legislation in Maryland; Part 4: The present condition of Maryland highways; Part 5: Construction and repair of roads; Part 6: Qualities of good road metal and methods of testing them; Part 7: The administration of roads; Part 8: The advantages of good roads; Appendix: Laws of Maryland relating to highways. A description of the Patapsco Project is found on the MSA SC 6046 Series 2 page. (Geologic map also sold separately; see GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE WESTERN BLUE RIDGE, FREDERICK AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES, MARYLAND on the Miscellaneous Maps page)OCCURRANCE AND DISTRIBUTION OF RADIUM, GROSS ALPHA-PARTICLE ACTIVITY, AND GROSS BETA-PARTICLE ACTIVITY IN GROUND WATER IN THE MAGOTHY FORMATION AND POTOMAC GROUP AQUIFERS, UPPER CHESAPEAKE BAY AREA, MARYLANDNOTE: Series numbers were initiated in 1985, starting with Spec. This historic document is now available as a free download in PDF format through the Maryland State Archives (

(Geologic map also available separately; see REISTERSTOWN QUADRANGLE QUADRANGLE GEOLOGIC MAP.)3 maps: 1.

Rasters were produced by scanning the paper prints at 1000 dots/inch (dpi) and down-sampling to 250 dpi (ground pixel size = 8X8 ft.). Map collars were excluded from the scan; place names, neat lines and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid lines are an inextricable part of the image. Purchasers are required to sign a licensing agreement.

The source documents (black and white Kodak paper prints) were produced by the U. Geological Survey from 1988-1989 National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) photography and comply with National Map Accuracy Standards at ,000. Detailed documentation, compliant with federal metadata standards, is transferred in ASCII format with the files.

(Geologic map also available separately; see COCKEYSVILLE QUADRANGLE GEOLOGIC MAP.)3 maps: 1.

(Geologic map also available separately; see WHITE MARSH QUADRANGLE GEOLOGIC MAP.) Five other maps for this atlas are available only for inspection at MGS: 4.

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