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Though instances of doctors and patients entering romantic relationships are indeed rare, it does sometimes happen.

In any given year, the proportion of licensed physicians disciplined by provincial regulatory colleges ranges from 0.

The amorous patient The types of patients who pursue their doctor range from those with inappropriate feelings that may be secondary to loneliness and poor relationships, to those who are delusional and may have an underlying psychiatric illness.

When I get a dumb decision, I consider how much thought, judgment, and application of values was required, as compared with the other decision.

Doctors by virtue of their profession are the main front line care givers.

To be good to their patients, maintaining all the ethical boundaries and follow their duty to care are the important landmarks in their personality.

Marika Davies considers the risks of inappropriate relationships with patients and looks at how to deal with unwanted advances by patients.

Colorado's Medical Practice Act specifies a six-month "waiting period" after a professional relationship has ceased before a sexual one may begin.

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