Chinese women dating westerners

But at the end of the Chinese day...people just have to live their OWN lives..your own happiness and don't fret over what other people are doing already... I savor the amazed and confused looks of middle-aged women as they see me with a young girl that could be their daughter. I"m talking about TOUCHING, HUGGING...basic human contact for crying out loud.

Now has she succeeded in bettering her life situation? I still like young guys more than daddy/uncle type of guys;-) And to be honest---most men---including myself---don't know how to make love properly until they are at least 35! With a young uncaring and selfish monkey guy she's only going to be subjected to a bunny-f(^(K thats over in 11 seconds and he's smoking a cigarette before she knows its already over----oh the facts of life---come on! The responsibility for kids is the primary concern, and then the impact to their social status/image, family pressure, divorce costs,,,,etc. so that a Chinese guy seldom take the initiative to divorce their wives and actually Chinese women play the role to break the iceberg in most cases (they always choose to stay especially when they have kids no matter how bad the relationship with their wives is ).Very obviously lots of young girls in China fall in "love" with western old guys, they very much looked odd while walking on street.some claims there is love, some believe there is "woman skills" - anyone knows the essence???Most Chinese would just equate it as "this is our culture foreign monkey boy and shut up"...well, there you go. The question about WHY young Chinese girls prefer an older foreign guy...Well if true, and I think it is, then not only do older guys fulfill the needed loving aspect but also (here is a little bit of Freud coming at you) a loving father figure as daughters share a special admiration for their fathers and ditto boys with their mothers. I think it is because to my knowledge not a lot of lovin goes on in most Chinese families...

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