Best dating site headlines ever been dating 2 months

Not a word from Kelly."Minka told a couple friends that she and John had broken up but she really didn't want to tell anyone," a source told Not an actor or singer, but easily one of the biggest sports stars in the world and perhaps the sporting world's most endearing bachelor.When not involved in a relationship with a fellow bold-faced name, the New York Yankee handled his off-the-field playtime like a champ, leaving fellow athletes like Alex Rodriguez to make the more salacious headlines.Well, at least fans got to see them steam up the screen.

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After the barely single Oscar winner was spotted at Kelly's 35th birthday dinner in July 2015, headlines were awash in speculation that the pair, who knew each other from past charitable endeavors, were a new item. It's funny, really, that she has such a connection with the onetime king of kissing and telling.

"He's a good friend to me," she said in a Power 106 interview just days after spending Labor Day weekend with Wilmer in Cabo. "Like thee most painful experience I've had in my life like with a person I've loved with all of my heart—that I threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl I work with is cute." So if Williams would like to have a decidedly undramatic relationship in the wake of his divorce, he probably couldn't have picked a better person to fall for than Minka Kelly, a Sexiest Woman Alive type who also keeps it classy. "I think it's awkward and uncomfortable and inauthentic.

I remember watching the news that day in awe — so many people came out to cheer and wave rainbow flags. Oftentimes, lesbian celebrities — whether they intend to or not — play an important role in normalizing same-sex couples.

Maybe that's another reason why she never has a cross (or kind, or any) word to say about her exes—she prefers to avoid the stress of a public feud and keep it amicable.

Also, you get a free pass to go on about Mayer after the fact, but..

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